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Scrunchie AZUR / pomegranate

Scrunchie AZUR / pomegranate

75,00 €Prix

Scrunchie 100% soie sourcée en Inde

Teint à la main à partir de matières naturelles végétales à Marseille, France 


"Founded in Marseille by Lisa Guedel-Dolle and Lisa Favreau, Azur challenges traditions with an artistic and intuitive approach to craftsmanship. Each piece is experimentally created with the aim of bringing life to the material. Azur is deeply committed to adopt transparent and sustainable practices, with responsibly sourced natural materials in close collaboration with its partners.Azur garments and accessories are hand dyed by Lisa, Lisa and Talhùla in our sutdio in Marseille (South of France) using roots, barks, berries, flowers, leaves or wood. Our dyeing process is clean and natural, keeping harsh chemicals and heavy metals out of waterways. Our silk is organically produced and cruelty free, made by fairly paid skilled artisans in Jharkhand (India). Each piece is sewn by Pauline in Trets (South of France), Leticia in Marseille (South of France), and Fanny in La Courneuve (Paris area) and is hand pleated by Véronique, Claire and Hortensia in Marseille (South of France)."


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